At Arsenal it’s all about respect. Respect for sound, for art, for the artist and for their hard earned money. And, yes, respect for our planet.

We start by sitting down with you and listening hard. Yah, of course we listen to your music, but more importantly, we listen for who you are. What brings out your intensity and your true personality. We ask you questions. We don’t just stamp out your music to make you sound like every other artist. We listen for why you really do this. Why you are unique.

And then, when we think we get it we employ our arsenal of high-end guitars, amps, drums, keyboards and microphones to capture the best of you. We do it all in our drum and vocal booths, our huge live room with 18’ ceilings and our control room, replete with Pro Tools 11 HDX, Digidesign C|24, and the best gear in the business (Neve, API, Martech, Avalon, Chandler, Manley, Lexicon, etc.) you can rest assured you are getting the highest fidelity possible. All to pull the most out of you. To optimize YOUR talent.

Oh yah, and all of that gear gets fed by our *solar panel arrays…