Dan BarnhartDan Barnhart, Owner of Arsenal Studios, Composer, Producer
Dan has been writing music and engineering sound since an early age. He went to school for Marketing and Music and achieved some decent success in both. He played in bands, recorded some people, did some sound design, scored some music, did some radio, blah blah blah blah blah.
I get it. Just shut up and make me sound good! Make my stuff sell!!! Right?

Greg Allen Norris, Senior Producer/Engineer
Greg graduated from the Conservatory of Recording Arts in 2000. Since then he has been recording major artists at the Salt Mine and his own studio in his home town of Phoenix, AZ. He has worked with the following: Digital Summer, Tim Alexander (Primus), Andy Gerold (Ashes Divide, Marilyn Manson), Lazy Crazy Bone (Bone Thugs N Harmony), Signs of Betrayal, Versed in Grey, Elias Malin (Kill Hanna, Ke$ha, Opiate for the Masses), Stevie Nicks and myriad others.  Being both a gifted Engineer/Producer and recording artist, Greg started his major label band, 32 Leaves, in 1998. 32 Leaves went on to enjoy much success and accolades, garnering a #17 album, Welcome to the Fall, with 3 radio hits. After 5 major tours Greg has decided to call Denver home and help make others a success while writing and recording with his new band.