So, why should I record an album or a demo in a studio???

This is an open debate these days. A lot of people DIY their music. Some people do a decent job. Most people suck.

Beyond the talent, the engineer and the gear, there is something magic that happens in a studio. There is a sacred alchemy, a knowledge that gets passed on, an experience beyond what you hear and see. More about what you feel and what you DON’T see or hear.

Like most good studios, we have some great engineers who have recorded some big names. Sure we have arguably some of the best gear around. We have a pretty sweet facility sitting in a 2.5 acre park-like plot just a few minutes from downtown. Sure we have a chill, yet productive, vibe. But really, most importantly, we have excellent chemistry with people. We have a patented system to bring the most out of you and your work.

Like one of our clients said, “you guys have like a sanctuary for the spirits of sound here.”